Context Module for Joomla!

Context Module allows to display any Joomla! module based on Content Context rules using the Joomla! Content Identifications for Sections, Categories, Authors, Content and Menus. In addition to these ID's Joomla! is using to categorize any content, also other ID's used by Components may get used to identify the context the displayed content is in.

As Content Context we understand the identifications for current Section, Category (and the others) that apply to the current shown content of the site. Based on building rules with these ID's, Context Module allows your Joomla! Site to determine itself if and where a Module will get displayed. This is more granular and adds flexibility to the current way of assigning modules to the Menu Structure.

By using custom ID's, these rules may also get used in combination with Components such as DocMan, Virtuemart or any other Component that uses ID's in its URL, POST or GET requests.

In addition to call a module, any external PHP script may also get called to generate output, by that adding even more flexibility. With all that Context Module makes it also possible to move a single module to different positions based on these rules. And whatever you may find it useful for…

  • Context Module is available in Dual Licensing for Non-Commercial or Commercial use
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  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

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