Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Context Module makes it possible to display a single module at different template positions, based on its rules:

Tip 1: Unpublish the module you want to use

Unpublish the module you want to “move” around your template. If it stay published, than it may get displayed more than once.

Tip 2: Make your rules for your first template position
  • Publish the Context Module to the first of your choosen template position and write your rules to load the said module.
  • Set the Module Filter setting to Disregard published state of modules. This will make the now unpublished modules accessible to this instance of Context Module.
Tip 3: Make a copy of your Context Module for the next template position

Create a copy (a second instance) of the Context Module, publish it to the other template position and change the rules to fit your needs there to load the said module.