Header-Footer plugin for Joomla!

Header-Footer introduces context relevant Headers and/or Footers by inserting any Content Item as Header or Footer without additional coding. By using a rule type description relations between the current shown content and content to be used as heading or footing content are allowed to be generated.

By that Joomla! will automatically insert Header or Footer content to the current displayed content as defined by the settings of this plugin. This may get used for anything you may think of, for example to automatically display a author description for the author of the current displayed content item, heading or footing it.

All other content plugins will also process the inserted Header or Footer content, so it nicely integrates with all other plugins that modify or create content on the fly.

Header-Footer is also supporting language related rules, so that Headers and/or Footers allow to be shown only for defined languages. Or if content is unavailable in the current shown language, to include a note about the contents current language. This feature does require JoomFish to be installed on your Joomla! site.

  • Header-Footer is available in Dual Licensing for Non-Commercial or Commercial use
  • Only Community Support is available for the Creative Commons license edition, use the Discussion Forum.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

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