Header Image module for Joomla!

Header Image is a flexible module able to display context related images, media or other files. Based on the context of the current displayed Joomla Content, that is the ID's of section, category, item and content, the module selects a corresponding image or media file to display.

Settings allow binding the relevancy to individual IDs as well as to use the modules smart selection where the filename contains information to which context it belongs to. Such that the module is looking for a nearest match.

Furthermore Slideshows with static images are possible, supporting different transition effects.

Also the module allows to select random images to display as static image, media or slideshow composition.

Filtering to individual components is supported, such that files may relate to a component, and are used only when that component is currently active.

Many settings allow flexible use, multiple instances of the modules are allowed and instance control between those is possible. Date restrictions are available to switch image sets for certain time periods, for example during holiday season.

  • Header Image is available in Dual Licensing for Non-Commercial or Commercial use
  • Only Community Support is available for the Creative Commons license edition, use the Discussion Forum.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

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