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Header Image allows display of a image, flash or other file based on the Section-, Category-, Main Menu- or Current Menu Item ID of the currently shown content. Use it for changing header images or anywhere else in your template. It also supports image selection and alt-text with multi-language support and a JavaScript Tooltip box with multi-language support.

Additional Functions are:

Install and Use:

  • Install via “Installers ⇒ Modules” in Joomla
  • Assign to an area via “Modules→Site Modules”
  • Choose if linked to Section, Category, Main Menu or Current Menu-ID
  • Define the folder where the images are stored
  • Define a prefix for all images: e.g. headerimage_
  • Define the file extension of the images: .png,.jpg,.gif,…
  • Define a default image file
  • Choose if you want a random image to be displayed instead of the default one
  • Enter a optional HTML Code for files other than plain images
  • Add a hyperlink for the image displayed
  • Use Date/Time for setting the module active and deactive automatically
  • Control how multiple modules behave
  • Use “Module Class Suffix” for styling
  • Enable Debug mode for debug information to help us correct problems

Upon multiple questioning here is the FAQ (List of frequently asked questions)

This Wiki will tell you more on how to use this module and to prepare the image filenames such that it works.

For a start prepare the settings