Component Filter

This function allows to filter files according to the currently used component that shows content.

Joomla! uses different components for display of content, such as com_frontpage for the frontpage, com_content for any other content or other components as com_docman for the Doc-Man file repository and so forth.

Together with the Smart mode setting of the module, this filter allows the following settings:


Does simply turn this feature off.

Yes - use the component name as image subfolder

This allows creating subfolder structures with the individual component name and placing files there to be used when that component is currently working for the actual visitors content production.

For example:

header_images\com_frontpage\....   for images or files on the frontpage only.
header_images\com_content\....     for images or files of content.
header_images\com_glossary\...     for images or files of the glossary component.
With this setting, the module will only look into the resulting folder for images or files. If that folder does not exist, or is empty, the default file will be shown. Or, together with the random default image function, a random default image.