Known Conflicts of Header Image with other Joomla! Extensions

Other Java-Scripts or especially other Framework Libraries may influence Header Image. When using Joomla! Components oder Plugins (Mambots) that utilize other JavaScript Frameworks such as Prototype or JQuery the modules Slideshow Feature may fail and Display only the first image. Also JavaScript Errors may occur. Only solution to such is to stay with only one type of JavaScript Framework or refrain from using the Slideshow Feature.

Use of the Header Image Slideshow Feature with other JavaScript Frameworks than mooTools, especially Prototype or JQuery are mutually exclusive.

Due to the use of the mooTools Library as JavaScript Framework for this modules Slideshow Feature, the following conflicts and issues are yet known to occur when using Header Image with one of these other Joomla! software extensions:

The following Joomla! Extensions create conflicts with Header Image:

Using above Joomla! Extensions together with Header Image on the same page may create the following conflicts:

  • Slideshow stays on first static image
  • JavaScript errors occur

Replace the Lightbox Script with Slimbox

Replacing the Lightbox Script with the full compatible Slimbox Script (which uses the mooTools library as Header Image) solves this issue:

  • Download the SlimBox Script
  • Place the slimbox.js and slimbox.css files in your templates directory structure
  • Follow the description on the SlimBox Script Homepage to include both files into your template and remove any link to the LightBox scripts from there
  • Done, that does replace the LightBox script with Slimbox.

Use the "MultiThumb" Extension

Recently a new Image Extension has got release that uses a selection of Effect Scripts to magnify images: