Interlocking multiple Instances of the module

Header Image supports to be active more than once on a site, this is called multiple instances. This module allows multiple instances, or to be used more than once on a page.

Single instances of the module may be interlocked, such that only a single instance or a group of instances are active at the same time. Together with defining Date and Time rules nice time activated effects may be realized. Such for instance a different image set during holiday seasons.

This setting specifies how the individual Header Image modules organize themselves once there are more than one module used on a page, also following “Active by” and “Deactive by” rules:

Allow multiple active instances on a page

Allows all Header Images for a page to be active at the same time.

Only one active instance at a time on a page

Allows only one Header Image module to be active on a page, determined by the order of the modules set in the backend (first modules first).

Only one active instance in the group named below

Allows only one Header Image module to be active within a named instance group. See also below at “Instance Group Name”. Used in combination with Date & Time Rules this allows date and time based switching of images within one module position.

Header Image modules may be assigned to Instance Groups. By defining a common instance group name to two or more module instances, the module allows group related instance activity control. For example only one instance of the instance group “logos” may be active with the corresponding setting for “Instance Activity Control”.