IP-Location for Joomla!

IP-Location for Joomla! is performing a geographical locationing based on the IP Address of the Client Browser accessing your Joomla! site.

Geolocation of IP-Addresses is a technique that correlates IP Address ranges to geographical regions as countries or cities. There are numerous services and databases out there providing the same feature of such correlation. IP-Location is allowing to access the data collected at IPInfoDB either through remote API call or by importing the data into your Joomla! Database. And then using the Location Data in various ways, also for your own purposes in other Joomla! Extensions.

IP-Location is able to:

  • Correlate IP Addresses of Browsers with geographical Location, using the IP Location Service or Data of
  • Update the Joomla! Timezone Offset to the Timezone of the geographical Location of the Browser accessing the site
  • Redirect a Browser to content pages prepared for the Client Browsers detected Location

  • IP-Location requires PHP 5.x to be used on your Server.
  • IP-Location is for Joomla 1.5.x only.
  • IP-Location is only available as Commercial Unlimited License against a one-time License fee.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

Documentation Areas

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Download of the current version of this Joomla Extension is available here:

Please make a Donation to the IpInfoDB Service when using its Data or API with the IP-Location Extension to support the future of that service.