MooBot plugin for Joomla!

MooBot introduces plugable mooTools effects to Joomla! by using Joomla! content tags without additional coding. One mambot for all those nifty effects like Accordions, Tabs, Kwicks,…

Many content effects use different types of frameworks or JavaScripts, making it probable that these interfere and create issues. The idea of MooBot is to be a platform to combine content effects like Tabs, Sliding Contents, Kwicks and others into one mambot that uses one single JavaScript framework.

MooBot uses the mooTools Framework for all its effects and offers Joomla! content tags that will get replaced by the respective effect code by MooBot on preparation of the content. The individual effects are mostly 3rd party scripts that received modifications to work with MooBot to allow integration into Joomla!.

So for example:

{tab=My first Tab}
Here is my first tab content.
{tab=My second Tab}
Here is my second tab content.

…will create a tabbed container with 2 tabs and its associated content when entered into the Intro-Text or Full-Text of any content item.

MooBot uses plugins, so it is extensible over additional effects. MooBot also allows to develop your own plugins, see the documentation for more on that. To create Plug-In's XML, JavaScript and Regular Expression knowledge is required.

  • MooBot is available in Dual Licensing for Non-Commercial or Commercial use
  • Only Community Support is available for the Creative Commons license edition, use the Discussion Forum.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

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