1. Download the latest package from
  2. Install the Plugin (Mambot) in your Joomla installation.
  3. Publish the MooBot, maybe put him into a higher priority than other Plugins (Mambots).
  4. Decide for yourself if the required mooTools library shall get loaded by the Plugin (Mambot), or will get included by yourself in your template.
  5. Set the MooBot's parameters accordingly to your previous choice (see also below).
  6. Done.

The Commercial Unlimited License includes a MooBot System Helper Plugin in addition, which allows to use the Site Popup Plugins and to use alternate templates for your site. Install this plugin same way as the MooBot itself, and publish it.

This Mambot uses the mooTools JavaScript Framework which may interfere with other similar Frameworks as Prototype or JQuery. Incompatibilities with Joomla! installations that use those Frameworks as well are highly probable. Only solution is to stay with only one type of JavaScript Framework or refrain to use MooBot.

MooBot requires few settings, mainly telling the MooBot how to invoke the mooTools Framework:

Defines if MooBot shall load the mooTools library that comes shipped with the package, or if the mooTools library is already loaded with your template.

Use this mambots mooTools library for effects

MooBot will load the mooTools library automatically.

Due to some unknown cause it is possible that Joomla! fails to send the required Page Header for the mooTools library on the Frontpage, yet on all other content pages Joomla! correctly sends the Page Header with the mooTools link included. In case that is also experienced on your site and the effects require to be active on the Frontpage also, include the mooTools library through your template as shown below. And set this setting to “I have mooTools … loaded in the template”).
I have mooTools ... fully loaded in the template

The mooTools library is already loaded with the template and MooBot will use that library for its effects plugins.

To load the mooTools libary that is shipped with MooBoot through your template, put this into the HEAD section of your templates index.php file:

|h Example for Joomla 1.0
   <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $mosConfig_live_site;?>/mambots/content/bot_moobot/libs/mootools.js"></script>
Please ensure that your site only uses one instance of MooTools with all Components in it. Read more here on how to correctly use MooTools with your site...

(Commercial Unlimited License only, release 1.20 or higher)

Allows the Tooltips Plugin to be loaded on all pages to display tooltips on any item that is using the HTML Title Attribute, or only for the related MooBot Tags.

Load Tooltips Plugin only for its Tags

Will show tooltips only for the content item that uses the MooBot Tooltips Tag. This is the default setting.

Load Tooltips Plugin always and show tooltips for all tags with TITLE parameter

Will always load the plugin, and allows to show tooltips for the following HTML tags with filled TITLE Attribute:

  • <A … title=“Some Title”> - Anchor Tag (on Links)
  • <IMG … title=“Some Title”> - Image Tag (on Images)
  • <DIV … title=“Some Title”> - DIV containers
  • <SPAN … title=“Some Title”> - SPAN's
  • <ACRONYM … title=“Some Title”> - Acronym's

Joomla Editors are likely to insert paragraph or line break HTML tags around the MooBot Tags. These tags might break the page layout or conformity to HTML tests. Cleanup HTML allows to remove such tags located right before or after any MooBot tag to clean up the pages HTML code.

Be aware that this Cleanup is only done for the page when being delivered on the Joomla Frontend and is not altering any content from within any editor.

No, leave the HTML code as it is

Will leave the pages source code unchanged.

Yes, cleanup HTML around MooBot tags

Allows MooBot to cleanup HTML tags around its own tags to improve the page's source code correctness.

(Commercial Unlimited License only)

Selects the compression of the JavaScripts sent by the MooBot plugins. By default all JavaScripts are being sent uncompressed to the browser. Setting this option allows MooBot to first compress all JavaScripts before sending those to the browser. Compression of the Plugin JavaScripts is done once and the compressed versions are cached in the local directory structure of the Plugins directory. By that lowering server load by only compressing a JavaScript when its source has changed due to some update and by default delivering the compressed JavaScripts directly from its Cache.

When experiencing difficulties with this Compressing and Caching feature, read here for more details on that...

No, leave all JavaScripts uncompressed

The default setting, sends all JavaScripts from the Plugins as they are to the browser. Use this setting when tracking down JavaScript errors.

Yes, compress all JavaScripts with default compression

JavaScripts will get compressed, all whitespaces and comments will get removed. Is basically a packing by removing unnecessary code elements. This will not put any additional load to the browser to execute the JavaScripts.

Yes, compress all JavaScripts with high compression

JavaScripts will get compressed such that the client browser will execute a unpacking procedure to get the code loaded. This may put some additional load onto the browser.

Selects if the Mambot shall display some Debug Information.


Set this as the default for a Production System, there is no Debug Information generated.


Prepared for future use. Currently there is no Debug Information built in, same as Off.

On (with PHP errors)

Sets your PHP engine to Display Error messages in case your PHP default settings send all error messages into the servers logfile. This might help to show PHP error messages in some cases where the Page is left blank.

MooBot comes with some packaged and standard effects, as well as offers additional plugins that may render new effects. The Scripts and Stylesheets of the individual Plugins will only get sent to the clients browser if used in the content item, such keeping its footprint small. When requiring to modify the visual styles of one effect, please see the individual CSS styling recommendations for each Plugin.

Here we have all current and publicly available Effects and their Joomla! content tags documented.

Stacking (or using one MooBot tag within another) is basically supported, however there are the following limitations:

  • MooTable is not designed to allow stacking of plugins into its table content.
  • When using any of the Window Plugins and wanting to use MooBot plugins in there, create a separate content item and use the Site-Popups instead.