Email Support for all Commercial Unlimited Licenses

As free service at our will to any Commercial Unlimited License we answer support questions to our extensions. Before contacting us in your particular questions, please first use this online documentation as first resource of help and descriptions.

When having an issue, where this documentation leaves some questions open to you or there is still the requirement to receive additional input from our side, or to report some malfunction, than direct your request as Email with the following information to us:

What we need to know about your installation

  • What is your type of Server Operating System: Linux or Windows ?
  • What is Version of PHP installed: PHP4 or PHP5 ?
  • What is your PHP Error Log File showing ?
  • What is your Joomla Version: Joomla 1.0.x or Joomla 1.5.x ?
  • What is the detailed description of your observations ?
  • What is the issue you experience ?
  • If your site is accessible online, what is the URL of it?
  • Add a Screenshot of your Browser Window showing the issue (as attachment)…
  • Add the pages source code (as attachment)…

Please provide us with the information to these questions above and direct your email to:

Send your Email to (at)

Our support team will respond to any questions received within the amount of time available to us.