Time Ruler module for Joomla!

Let time rule in Joomla with Time Ruler. This module allows to define date & time related rules and associate Modules or any arbitrary file to get included. Time Ruler enables Joomla! modules to be shown at certain calendar dates & times or at reoccuring times, weekdays, days of month, months or even years. By placing this module into a different position than other modules, it allows to do a “virtual” move of a module to a different position too. Define a unlimited number of rules, even define several rules for one Module or File.

Time Ruler is as extension itself a Module which loads other Modules based on a set of time related rules. It allows to be published at any Template position where it loads, based on the rulesets, other Joomla Modules and their output will be displayed at the position of the Time Ruler Module. The module itself does not perform any change to the publishing state, to keep the freedom to generally unpublish a module without the need to rearrange rulesests. That behaviour is in accordance to the usage philosophy of Joomla. Multiple use of Time Ruler at various template positions is fully supported.

  • TimeRuler is available in Dual Licensing for Non-Commercial or Commercial use
  • Only Community Support is available for the Creative Commons license edition, use the Discussion Forum.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

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