Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

…and the frequently answered descriptions to it:

From feedback of our users this scenario may occur:

  • Time Ruler is installed and published to a Module Position
  • Some Rules are defined, however the Time Ruler module seems to render no output

That scenario is often caused by some mistake in the rules. So use the following steps to see where corrections on the rules may be needed:

  • In the modules settings, show the title bar of the Module. By that you may check if the module is correctly displayed in your template and on your site. This is unrelated to any defined rules.
  • Enable the "Debug Mode" to Show Debug Information and disable any popup-blocker you may have active. This will display a popup-window with messages from the Time Ruler module. See this example:

  • Above example shows that modules, defined in some rules, are not to be found by the module. Such or other helpful messages are displayed, all related to the individual rules. Use these messages to correct what the module is asking for.

The most causes of rules failing to call modules:

  • Module not found or unpublished: The used Module-ID is incorrect, or the Module is unpublished. Either correct the Module-ID or use the setting "Module Filter" to allow Time Ruler to also use unpublished modules
  • Rules do pass at some incorrect time: Compare the Server Time, displayed at “It is now” with your desired time. Your server time may be different from the actual time you may look at. You may need to correct the rules, or the server time.

It may occur, that if by the rulesets, there is currently no module being shown by Time Ruler. Despite it, the Time Ruler Module Position shows up, and the Module Title of Time Ruler if set so.

This is caused by the Joomla! Framework as it displays the Time Ruler Module always, and the module then itself is deciding which of the associated modules will be loaded by its rulesets. To influence the appearance of Time Ruler, the Module Output of the Module position where Time Ruler is published needs to be changed. Joomla supports these different styles for Module Outputs:

When there is the need to show a Content Item (Article) with Time Ruler, a Joomla Extension is required allowing to display content items in a Module Position. We suggest to use the following Joomla Extension for this:

Module Name Description
Content Item This modules allows for publishing content items or articles in areas other than mainBody().

Use that extension to create modules showing your content items, and then use the Time Ruler rules to display these Content Item modules being created before.