URL Redirecter for Joomla!

URL-Redirecter allows to create individual and custom URL's for your Joomla site, automatically redirecting to pages or external sites. Create individual URL's on your site, for example as shortcut to often used or specific site areas. Or use it when having a transition from a earlier stage of your site to retain and redirect old URL's to the respective new ones.

Redirection works either to a content page of your Joomla! site, or to any external URL. URL Redirecter allows to compare incoming requests with either a direct match or by using Regular Expressions. Redirections are also possible to be limited to a particular Browser User Agent identification, for example to redirect only for Firefox Browsers, Browsers used on Mobile Phones or Handheld Computers, or for the particular Spider Bots of particular Search Engines.

URL-Redirecter is not a Search-Engine-Oriented (SEO) component, it does not change the URL's Joomla! is generating. It is a incoming filter, allowing to create redirects on specific and custom URL's on your site whenever purposeful or needed.

With the Administrator Component, which comes with URL-Redirecter, the management of the redirects is made convenient. In addition a Debug Function is allowing to test redirects without actually performing them, especially useful when creating redirects for specific Browser types.

Some Server side prerequisites are required. For Joomla! sites operating on a Apache Webserver the mod_rewrite server module - or when running on IIS a 3rd Party server extension providing the same set of functionality - is prerequisite. URL-Redirecter delivers with a Administrator Component for comfortable managing the URL redirects without further server side modifications.

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