Initial Installation and Setup

URL-Redirecter is only available for Joomla 1.5.x

For URL-Redirecter to receive the URL request from your Joomla! installation, use of the Apache mod_rewrite configuration of Joomla! is required. Use the setting Use Apache mod_rewrite in the Global Configuration of your site, and turn it to Yes:
Use of Search Engine Friendly URLs is optional.

On your Apache Webserver rename the file htaccess.txt in your sites root directory to .htaccess to complete this change in configuration. By doing this Apache is also directing URL Requests to non-existing paths to Joomla! for further dealing with those. And with that URL-Redirecter is receiving the incoming request enabling it to perform the redirection on positive matches.

With Joomla! installed on a IIS system a extension allowing the same functionality as the Apache rewriting module is required. We have collected links to some of such IIS extensions being similar or equal to the Apache mod_rewrite functions:

We have not tested any of the above IIS extensions, so please be aware to test your Joomla! installation on IIS with the Creative Commons License of URL-Redirecter prior to purchasing a Commercial Unlimited License of URL-Redirecter.

Use the Extension Manager to upload and install the URL-Redirecter Extension:

Using the Plugin Manager, list the Plugin Types of System. Publish the URL-Redirecter Extension and position it in the topmost order of all the installed System Plugins:

The Extension itself does provide some settings, edit the URL-Redirecter plugin:

Debug Mode

Setting Debug Mode to On will show Debug Information on your site, instead of the Frontpage:

This displays the following data, which may be useful for managing your custom redirects:

  • Browser User Agent: The User Agent identification of the browser currently showing this page. May be useful when using Browser Types in your custom redirections.
  • Request URL: The URL used in the request to your site.