Web-Call-Back module for Joomla!

Web-Call-Back is the module for Joomla! that allows, in cooperation with VoIP Server to perform a call back to a visitors provided phone number directly from your website. To make use of this extension one of the supported VoIP Server types is required:

  • Asterisk PBX or compatible
  • SIP compliant VoIP Servers (Commercial Unlimited License only)

The extensions settings allow fully customization of the messages, in multiple languages with JoomFish installed, and styling via CSS. It requires JavaScript on the client browsers side as it performs its work in client-server communication with the server side module in Joomla.

As overview Web-Call-Back allows:

  • To enter any international phone number on the frontend
  • Initiation of the call-back, either by internal extension first or outbound call with transfer to internal extension (requires a Asterisk or compatible PBX server)
  • Fully customizeable messages for phone number form and status messages of the module
  • Date & Time rules to be defined to show the module only during office hours or any specified period of times
  • Show messages or hide the module when the internal extension or the PBX system is offline and the call back is unable to get performed.
  • Output of debug information on communication with the VoIP Server.

In the Commercial Edition Web-Call-Back allows in addition:

  • To use a SIP compliant Server for call origination
  • To generate Email Notifications about failed, missed or on all received Call-Back requests to allow easier follow up
  • To create Web-Call-Back Links in your Content that may originate calls to any Extension available on your VoIP Server

Prerequisite for this module to perform its functions is a VoIP PBX system for call initiation and transfer. This extension requires knowledge and ability to configure such a VoIP Server system, without these individual prerequisites this extension will become difficult to startup. Support for the extension is limited to the extension itself, any issue that is dealing with the VoIP System will be the users self responsibility.

  • Web-Call-Back Commercial Edition supports Asterisk & SIP Servers and is a Commercial Unlimited License
  • Web-Call-Back is available with reduced functionality as Creative Commons License for Non-Commercial use
  • Only Community Support is available for the Creative Commons license edition, use the Discussion Forum.
  • Support via Email is granted to all owners of the Commercial Unlimited License, please read here how to contact our support.

Documentation Areas

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