Web-Call-Back Commercial Edition

Web-Call-Back requires a Asterisk (or compatible) PBX System or a SIP compliant SIP Server in order to function. Furthermore required for startup of the module is the personal ability to configure the respective VoIP Server as dial plan rules and system configuration might require to get prepared for operation of Web-Call-Back.

Questions relating to any VoIP System itself will need to get directed somewhere else, here only Web-Call-Back itself and the required prerequisites on the VoIP System are described.

This Web-Call-Back edition requires the latest available release of PHP5 on your server and Joomla! installation.

This Commercial Edition contains the Web-Call-Back Module:

Plus the Web-Call-Back Links Plugin for creating clickable Call-Back Links in your Content with additional Window Effects:

After Installation of the Module and before configuring it, the following prerequisites need to be established:

Now more on the configuration of the module in the following areas of the modules parameters:

This License also features a Joomla Plugin that allows to create Web-Call-Back Links:

These are special features of customizations performed for special needs of customers: