Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

…and the frequently answered descriptions to it:

When having multiple Joomla installations on one server, each one representing one unique site, then this module is still able to work with a common Asterisk PBX server. In the following we descripe now the approach for 2 independant sites residing on one common server system:

2 different sites will (in this view) also mean 2 different Joomla installations, 2 different module installations. So that way 2 different settings.

We now assume that when using 2 different sites, the Asterisk server shall stay the same. So in view of Asterisk, make 2 different contexts where you deal with the Dialing thus resulting in 2 different Dialplans for the module. Set each module to the respective context and relevant settings.

Dialplan extension.conf (or any include file of)

; This for call direction internal -> external
exten => _[1-9]XXXX,1,<Macro or Dial command to Trunk 1>

; Extension hint
exten => site1.webcall,hint,SIP/site1.webcall

; This for call direction internal -> external
exten => _[1-9]XXXX,1,<Macro or Dial command to Trunk 2>

; Extension hint
exten => site2.webcall,hint,SIP/site2.webcall

That in turn requires to first define the individual trunks within Asterisk to actually do have Trunk 1 and Trunk 2 being serviced by Asterisk.

In the module the settings are then:

  • Context for outgoing call → <CONTEXT-SITE-1> or <CONTEXT-SITE-2>
  • Type of outgoing line → <TYPE for Site 1> or <TYPE for Site 2>
  • Name of outgoing line → <Trunk Name for Site 1> or <Trunk Name for Site 2>