AgeCheck Extension for Magento

AgeCheck for Magento introduces an age verification process to your Magento Store. Add age limits to any of your products and use the AgeCheck functions to automatically control the purchase of such products:

  • Add age limit to any of your stores products.
  • The store cart and order preparation (frontend through your customer or through a administrator backend order creation) is checked for products with age limit and the product is removed from the cart or order whenever the customers current age is insufficient. (Requires to collect Date Of Birth from your customers)
  • To force your visitors to register or login prior to adding a product to the cart, or performing checkout (to ask for his Date Of Birth before first purchase).
  • To perform a optional automatic Age Verification (for customers from Germany) using the SofortIdent web service. This extension provides a interface to the SofortIdent service only, and otherwise unrelated to the SofortIdent service provider.
  • To allow customers to upload a document for verification of his Date Of Birth from your stores administrator backend. Such requests are monitored and a store notification (with optional email message) is created for each of these requests.
  • The result of a manual age verification using a submitted document is automatically sent to the related customers email address as store transactional email.

The Commercial Unlimited License includes support from our Software Group via Email for installation questions or questions arrising during use.