Using the « Associated Download Add-On » to unlock Downloadable Products through purchase of a different Product

Installation of the import adapter for DownloadPlus is the same as for the DownloadPlus extension itself.

Update DownloadPlus to the most recent release prior to installation of this Add-On. Updates are available in your Customer Account.

This Add-On does not have any configuration options currently.

This Add-On to Downloadplus for Magento allows to add associated Downloadable Products to any other product type, and upon purchase of the product the associated Downloadable Product will be added to the customers account “My Downloadable Products” collection:

If you want the assosicated Downloadable Product only be available with purchase of the Product, then set Visibility of the associated Downloadable Product to Not individually visible and the Downloadable Product will not be shown in the Product Catalog. Effectively making it only purchasable with the purchase of the related Product where it is associated to.

You may associate a Downloadable Product to any number of other Products, even other Downloadable Products.

Downloadable Links set in the Downloadable Product as Links can be purchased separately can be selected in the List of the available Downloadable Products, just tick the downloadable Link that shall be associated to the product.