Using the « Bonus Downloads Add-On » for adding Downloadable Links to Product purchases

Requires the Bonus Downloads Add-On for DownloadPlus

Bonus Downloads is an Add-On to DownloadPlus available here...

Installation of the import adapter for DownloadPlus is the same as for the DownloadPlus extension itself.

Update DownloadPlus to the most recent release prior to installation of this Add-On. Updates are available in your Customer Account.

This Add-On allows to add Downloadable Links to all Product Types, which will be added to the Customers Account as downloadable resource in his My Downloadable Product account part when the related product is purchased by the customer.

The availability of the downloadable Link on the Order Status is controlled through this configuration option:

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Products » Order Item Status to Enable Downloads

The Bonus Download Add-On does add the following configuration options:

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Terms of Use:

Show Terms of Use for Product Bonus Downloads

Select Yes to show the intermediate Terms & Conditions page before allowing to download the Bonus Downloadable Link.

Default Terms of Use for Product Bonus Downloads

When using Show Terms of Use for Product Bonus Downloads add the Terms & Conditions Text to be used for the Bonus Download here, HTML is allowed.

On the Edit Product page a new Tab named Bonus Downloads is added, allowing to add the bonus Downloadable Links:

The Bonus Downloadable Links work exactly like the regular Downloadable Links of Downloadable Products. All DownloadPlus Add-On's for additional download sourcing (as shown here) are supported.

Custom Attributes are also supported as documented here, use the prefix downloadable_bonus_:

Create the Custom Attribute as described Custom Attributes for Downloadable Links but do the following different:

  • Use the prefix downloadable_bonus_ for the Attribute Code to identify it for DownloadPlus as attribute related to the Bonus Download.
  • Apply the attribute to the Product Types where you want to use it, or to All Product Types.

The Bonus Downloads are presented like regular purchased Downloadable Links in the Store Frontend and Backend:

In the Customer Account view in the Current Downloads tab:

In the Customer's Account in the My Downloadable Products section: