Using the « Unlock By Code Add-On » for unlocking of Downloadable Products using Serialnumbers

Requires the UnlockByCode Add-On for DownloadPlus

Unlocking purchaseable Downloadable Products by Serialnumber is a add-on available here...

Installation of the UnlockCode add-on for DownloadPlus is the same as for the DownloadPlus extension itself.

Update DownloadPlus to the most recent release prior to installation of this Add-On. Updates are available in your Customer Account.

This add-on allows to use the Serialnumbers attached to a Downloadable Product to be used to unlock the related Downloadable Product.

This allows to sell the Serialnumbers of a Downloadable Product through 3rd Parties, and to allow to use a purchased Serialnumber to unlock the related Downloadable Product on your Magento Store.

Each Serialnumber used to unlock a Downloadable Product is consumed once it has been successfully used on a Product. The Serialnumber used to unlock it is shown in the Customer Account overview of the purchased Downloadable Products.

Product Options (Custom Options defined for a Downloadable Product) are not supported by this Add-On.

The Downloadplus Configuration Options for System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Serialnumbers will have the following additional entries that control the unlocking process using purchased Serialnumbers:

Unlocking of Downloadable Product by Serialnumber

Enable or Disable the availability to unlock downloadable Products by Serialnumbers. This will deactivate also the unlocking feature, even if Downloadable Products are currently configured to allow unlocking by Serialnumbers.
Use this configuration option to disable this Add-On public functions temporarily, or to disable the Add-Ons public functions for a store in a multi-store environment.

Unlocking by Serialnumber does

This options allows to select how Downloadable Products with multiple purchaseable Links will be handled for unlocking by Serialnumber:

Unlock all Downloadable Links which are configured to accept a Serialnumber from the same Serialnumber Pool. So for example if you have a Downloadable Link 1 and a Downloadable Link 2 configured to use the same Serialnumber Pool for unlocking, then both links will be unlocked when using one of the Serialnumbers.

The customer will be presented a selection of the Downloadable Links to which the entered Serialnumber belongs, and is then required to select one of the Downloadable Links to unlock by the entered Serialnumber.

Add Serialnumbers to your Downloadable Product

Edit the Product where you want to have its Downloadable Links be available to be unlocked by Serialnumbers.
First, add serialnumbers that shall be allows for unlocking of a Downloadable Product to the product as described here...
It may be good to use a separate serialnumber pool for such Serialnumbers, e.g. Product Unlock to prevent mixing of purchaseable Serialnumbers and unlocking Serialnumbers in one Product.

If you do not want to assign Serialnumbers to the Downloadable Product during a purchase (only to have the Serialnumbers with the Downloadable Product for its unlocking purpose when selling these through other channels) then also set Deactivate Serialnumbers to Yes to disable assigning Serialnumbers to the product upon a purchase.

In the Downloadable Settings tab of the Product Edit page, configure each Downloadable Link you want to allow unlocking by Serialnumbers to accept Serialnumbers from the related Serialnumber-Pool by setting Unlock by Serialnumbers from Pool:

You may also use the Expiration feature in combination with unlocking by Serialnumber, the expiration will start in accordance with the related setting.
Save the Product when being finished with preparing it for being unlocked by Serialnumbers.

Use Sales » Serialnumbers » Serialnumbers used for unlocking Downloadable Products to monitor the unlocking activites performed by your customers on your store:

Clicking on a row entry will open the related Customer Account where additional information is shown about the unlocking transaction. On the tab Customer View the section Purchased Downloadable Products will show the purchaseable Downloadable Link that was unlocked with the Serialnumber consumed for it:

Also the tab Current Downloads has the same information where the availability of the Download is controllable the same as if the Download was purchased directly on the store:

For your customers to unlock a Downloadable Product using a Serialnumber they are required to be logged-in or registered to your store prior to it. The customer is required to login to his account where he will see Unlock a Downloadable Product on his Account Dashboard (if the configuration option Unlocking of Downloadable Product by Serialnumber is set to Enabled):

The Customer is asked to enter the Serialnumber he received to unlock the related Downloadable Product:

Based on the Configuration Options either the Customer is asked to confirm his “Purchase” unlocked by the Serialnumber:

Or to select the Downloadable Product he wants to “purchase” as unlocked by the Serialnumber:

Upon successful consumption of the Serialnumber, the Customer receives this confirmation page that also allows him to directly download the now unlocked Downloadable Product:

The unlocked Downloadable Product is also available in My Downloadable Products of the customers account: