Using the « Options Add-On » for Product Custom Options for Downloadable Links

This Add-On is extending the Magento Core functionality of Product Custom Options (which are not easy to extend), and as a consequence 3rd Party Extensions also extending the Product Custom Options functionality may not be compatible with this Add-On. Some of these 3rd Party Extensions are:

Installation of the import adapter for DownloadPlus is the same as for the DownloadPlus extension itself.

The Add-On is adding the following Custom Options to Downloadable Products:

  • Control the expiration of the Downloadable Link purchase based on customer selection on the product page

To add a Custom Option that allows the customer to select the expiration duration for a Downloadable Link use the Custom Option tab on the Downloadable Product to add the related option:

You may select between 2 Styles of the Custom Option how it is presented on the Product View: As Drop Down Selectbox or as Radio Button selection.

Add option values as needed and set the days to expire for each option value in Expiry in Days:

Save the Downloadable Product and open the Downloadable Settings tab:

Select the Custom Option in the drop-down selection of the Expiry in Days field for Downloadable Link where it shall apply. If you define also an Expiry in Days value in the input field the Custom Option will take precedence over the manual input.

On the Product view of the store frontend the Custom Option will become visible:

And also in the Shopping Cart:

Please also see Creating Downloads with automatic expiration for more on this functionality of DownloadPlus for Magento.

Thats it.