Using the « Repository Download Add-On » to keep Downloadable Links of a Product synced to the purchased Downloads of a Customer

Installation of the import adapter for DownloadPlus is the same as for the DownloadPlus extension itself.

The DownloadPlus Repository Add-On requires an active CRON job on the Magento Store to automatically process internal Jobs, please see the Magento Documentation here for how to configure the required CRON job...

Update DownloadPlus to the most recent release prior to installation of this Add-On. Updates are available in your Customer Account.

The Add-On allows to set a Downloadable Product to be a “Repository Style” Downloadable Product.

On a default Downloadable Product the Customer purchases the Downloadable Link (or Links depending on the configuration) which are present at the point in time of his purchase. If you add an additional Downloadable Link that one will not automatically propagate to the purchased Downloadable Links of the Customer. This means the customer needs to repurchase the Downloadable Product (or the new Downloadable Link) to get it.

With the Repository Add-On for DownloadPlus you may set a Downloadable Product to be a “Repository” for customer having purchased the Downloadable Product. That means that once the customer has purchased the Downloadable Product he will always see the currently defined Downloadable Links in his account. If you remove or add a Downloadable Link to the product, this will propagate to the Customers Account automatically.

Open a (or create a new) Downloadable Product and open the “Downloadable Information” tab:

  • If the option Links can be purchased separately is set to Yes you need to set it to No and save the product. Repository style Downloadable Links only work if all Downloadable Links are purchased together with the product.
  • With the option Links can be purchased separately set to No an additional Product Option appearchs, allowing you to set the style of the Downloadable Link:

  • Set this option to Default Style (purchases remain unchanged) if you want the default Magento behaviour on this Downloadable Product that the customer only purchases the set of Downloadable Links as set at the time of his purchase.
  • Set this option to Repository Style (all available with purchase) if you want your customers to always have access to the current set of Downloadable Links.
  • Resetting this option from Repository Style to Default Style will leave the customers purchased Downloadable Links collection in the state it is at the time of changing the option.

With the Downloadable Product in Repository Style it will behave as followed:

  • When adding a new Downloadable Link, it will be added to the customers purchased Downloadable Links collection, just as he would have regularly purchased it.
  • When changing an existing Downloadable Link, it will be changed also to the customers purchased Downloadable Links collection.
  • When removing (deleting) a Downloadable Link, it will be set to expired on the customers purchased Downloadable Links collection.

All additional download settings introduced by DownloadPlus such as automatic expiration of a Downloadable Link are usable for new added Downloadable Links.

Such changes to a Downloadable Product will be applied to the customer accounts by a regular Cron-Job of DownloadPlus (running ever 15mins.).

First save the Downloadable Product when changing this option before adding or removing Downloadable Links on that product.

– That's it.