Using and Configuring DownloadPlus for Magento

DownloadPlus adds the function to show Terms of Use text before any download of Products or Samples may proceed. These Terms of Use need to be agreed upon by the Visitor downloading with check of the related Checkbox. This page also shows the Details of this Download as specified in the Products Download Details, and a Link to the Download Archive if there are historical downloads available for this current download.

To modify these pages, modify the related Templates...

See the following example:

The Download Archive is built automatically using the Download Details defined in the Product Description of the individual Product:

If the visitor does not accept the Terms of Use in this page, a related message is shown on the page:

If a Purchased Downloadable Link is unavailable, then this page is shown:

Purchased Downloadable Links may become unavailable if:

  • The related order is still in pending, the download will be available once the related order is complete.
  • The maximum of purchased downloads has been used already and this download would exceed it.
  • The related order is on Hold.

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Terms of Use:

Enable or Disable the requirement to accept Terms of Use for your Downloadable Products and Samples, additional Customer and Product Downloads, as per your preference. Add or edit the Terms of Use to be displayed into the respective Textares. HTML is supported and translated over into the frontend page.

To continue with using Downloadable Terms of Use, you may need to add the DownloadPlus Blocks to your Store Template...

DownloadPlus allows to add Tabs with Release Notes and a Version History to your Product Page:

The content if these tabs is created automatically when using the Download Details DownloadPlus us adding to your Store for your Downloadable Products.

To add these tabs, your layout requires customization as described here...

In addition free download links may now get added to any Product, as described here:

To show these additional downloads for the Product, your layout required customization as described here...

DownloadPlus adds the function to Track downloads for your Downloadable Products and Samples. Each download will be recorded in the Stores Database, and this data is used for the Download Statistics and the Frontend Template Blocks of DownloadPlus:

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Tracking:

Track Downloads for Downloadable Products

Use these settings to enable or disable the download tracking for the Downloadable Products.

Track Downloads for Downloadable Samples

Use these settings to enable or disable the download tracking for the Downloadable Samples.

Enable RSS Feed on Updates of Downloadable Products

Allows to enable the RSS Feed on the Updates on all of your Downloadable Products. This feed does contain the same data as the Recently Updated Sidebar Block in RSS 2.0 Feed format for your stores customers to subscribe to.

You may customize the feed by customizing the related template files.

Log Messages into Administrator Notifications

Allows to enable or disable logging of DownloadPlus failure messages into the Administrator Notifications. Use this setting for logging messages on failed data transmissions or downloads of your store. Setting this option to Yes is recommended for monitoring the extensions communication or to help identification of reasons preventing communication of the extension with the store client browsers.

Mark Administrator Notifications as

Select which severity level administrator notifications of the DownloadPlus extension shall receive when set to log messages into the Administrator Notifications. Set the related severity level for such notifications here. The default is Notice.

Receive into Administrator Notifications

Select which Update Notifications you want to receive into your Administrator Notifications:

These Update Notifications are fed from our RSS Feeds, and are updated once per day only on login in the Administrator Backend of your Store.

By default Magento is keeping track of all Downloadable Products, such that by updating the File of a Downloadable Product customers with past purchases will still receive the original file available at the time of purchase. This makes it impossible for a Customer to redownload a updated file under his original order.

DownloadPlus adds the option to change this Behaviour:

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Delivery:

Behaviour for Downloadable Products

Use this setting to change the file delivery behaviour to your preference:

Magento Behaviour - Always deliver purchased file

Keeps the default Magento behaviour to always deliver the purchased file when downloading a downloadable product on a order.

Deliver most recent purchased file

DownloadPlus will look for the most recent file associated with the purchased downloadable product, and will deliver it. If no newer file is found, the original file available at the time of purchase is delivered.

This allows you to update your Downloadable Links with newer files, and these files being available for download under the orders of your customers. Use this setting when working with Download Details to create automatic Version History and Release Notes.

Force Downloads to be on secure URL

This option allows to set DownloadPlus to use secure store URL's for all Download related pages (like “Terms and Conditions”, “Version Archive”, etc.). When enabling this option you may need to set the Configuration Option “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” under Web » Secure to 'Yes'.

Allow Download Resume

With this option the client browser side pausing and resume of downloads is enabled. Download Resume is only supported for Downloadable Links with associated FILES stored on the Magento Store, URL's pointing to a file resource are not supported for Download Resume by DownloadPlus as these resources are handled differently by the download mechanism (and the Download Resume needs to be handled by the system the URL is pointing to).

Setting this option to On is recommended also in case of serving large downloadable files, as the handling of download aborts is improved also. Per the default Magento behavior a download is progressing server-side even if the client browser has aborted the download and ended communication. The resumeable download option is detecting client browser side communication aborts and will end transmission of the download server-side immediately, freeing the related server resources.

We discourage to use Link URL's, pointing to another address, for large downloadable files as the each download request results in the Magento Store reading the URL from the remote system and relaying forwarding of the files content to the clients browser. This results in a total communication volume of 2x the Filesize of the Downloadable File.

To serve large files using your Magento Store:

  1. Use the « Apache XSendFile Add-On » for DownloadPlus when having Apache as Webserver.
  2. Or store your files on Amazon S3 or CloudFront resources and use the « Amazon Web Service Add-On » for delivery of Downloadable Products through the Amazon Cloud.

Some Webserver configurations may prevent Downloads to resume, and may require special configuration.

Max. Speed on resumeable downloads

Allows to throttle the download speed on resumeable downloads, to use please also set Allow Download Resume to On. The value entered here is in kB/s and may need adjustment to the actual measured speed as the used procedure for speed throtteling is not exactly accurate, and also depends on the type of server connection to the internet.

DownloadPlus is adding the following Transactional Emails to your Store:

  • Select the related Email Sender Identity in Notification Email Sender
  • Select the Email Template to be used for the Transactional Emails in Notification Email Template for Customer Downloads and Notification Email Template for Customer Serialnumbers

See also here for more on these Transactional Emails and customization of these.

Serialnumbers are optional available to be downloaded as file:

When setting “Make Serialnumbers downloadable” the Serialnumber page in the customer account will show a link to download the serialnumber as text file. Set the “Filename Pattern” to define how the file name of this file shall be generated:

Example for Filename Pattern

Serialnumber-{{var product.sku}}-{{var order.increment_id}}.lic

Filename Pattern

In the Filename Pattern you may use the following template variables as known from the Transactional Email Templates:

customer   ... The current customer model
order      ... The related order model
order_item ... The related order item model
product    ... The related product model

{{var}}      ... Customer's Name
{{var order.increment_id}} ... Order incremental ID
{{var product.sku}}        ... Product SKU

When adding serialnumbers for your products the DownloadPlus extension is sending email notifications upon the following events:

  • The number of available free serialnumbers for a individual product falls below the limit of “Notify on remaining Serialnumbers for Product”
  • A customer has made a order and there are no free serialnumbers left for the product anymore. In this case you need to add the related serialnumber in manual.

For every Order which requires a new Serialnumber to be assigned a Administrator Notification is also generated.

Order Item Status to assign Serialnumbers for non-downloadable Products

Defines at which order status a serialnumber shall be assigned to all other type of Products. Select the order status of the order with which serialnumbers to non-downloadable Products shall be assigned:

  • Pending: When order is in pending state.
  • Invoiced: When order is in invoiced state.
  • Shipped: When order is in shipped state.
  • Mixed: When order is in invoiced or shipped state.

For downloadable products the order state as selected in System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Product Options under Order Item Status to enable Downloads is used for the order status when to assign serialnumbers.

Send Serialnumber Email

Allows to define when an automated transactional message shall be sent with serialnumbers assigned to order items:

  • Do not send automatically … to disable any automatic email sending of serialnumbers.
  • Always (Frontend & Backend) … transactional emails are automatically sent when serialnumbers are assigned in the stores frontend or the administrator backend.
  • Only on Frontend … transactional emails are automatically sent only for orders placed in the stores frontend.

Email Template for Serialnumbers

Set the template to be used for the transactional email message used for the serialnumbers.

Notify on remaining Serialnumbers for Product

DownloadPlus is sending a notification upon low number of free serialnumbers for a product:

Enter the number of free available serialnumbers below which the related notification email message shall get sent to the “Send Notification Email To” address.

Notification Email Sender

Select the identity being used to send any serialnumber related email message from.

Notification Email Template

Select the Template for the notification email on low number of free serialnumbers.

Send Notification Email To

Enter one or multiple (delimited by a comma) email addresses where to send the notification of low number of free serialnumbers.

Pending Email Template

DownloadPlus is sending a notification whenever a product order is made and there was no free serialnumber available for the product. This pending request for a serialnumber then requires to add the related serialnumber in manual:

Select the Template for the notification email on a pending serialnumber from a new order where there was no free serialnumber available from the product.

Send Pending Email To

Enter one or multiple (delimited by a comma) email addresses where to send the request for pending serialnumbers.

Per default when duplicating a downloadable product the related samples and links are not duplicated. With the following configuration settings you may control the behavior of downloadable products when being duplicated to also duplicate the downloadable links and samples:

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Product Options (Manage Products)

To set default values on the expiration behaviour for new Downloadable Links, use these configuration options which allow you to set the default values for URL's, Files, Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudFront downloads.
(The Amazon S3 or Amazon CloudFront settings only apply when having DownloadPlus for Amazon Web Services Add-On installed).

System » Configuration » Catalog » Downloadable Product Options (Manage Products)