Using and Configuring EmailNotify for Magento

EmailNotify enables Magento to send a Email Message on every Order where a selected Payment Method has been choosen by the Customer. This is particularly helpful when having mixed online and offline payment methods on offer in your Store. With EmailNotify you may setup Magento such to send you a Notification via Email on all offline payments.

System » Configuration » Sales Emails

The available settings define when and where to send Notifications:


Set to Yes to enable EmailNotify. Allows to keep your settings and enabled or disable the functionality at any time.

On Payment Types

Enter the Payment Types that will trigger EmailNotify to send a notification message. This is typically the Payment Module Name, e.g. 'paypal_standard', 'bankpayment' or such. Enter multiple Payment Methods separated by a comma.

Notification Email Sender

Selects the Sender Name of the notification message. Choose to your preference.

Notification Email Template

Use the 'Default Template from Locale', or choose on of the Templates available in the Template Pool of your Store.

Send Notification Email To

Enter the Email Addresses where to send the notification to. Enter multiple Email Addresses separated by a comma.

EmailNotify uses a template for creating the notification message. The default template is located in:


To customize any of the default EmailNotify templates, import the default into the Transactional Emails of Magento:

System » Transactional Emails » Add New Template

Load the default template of EmailNotify from the 'English' Locale, it is called 'Payment Type Notification':

Modify the template and save it into the pool of Transactional Emails. After that you may want to reselect the Email Notification Template in the Configuration of EmailNotify (see above).