EuVat Extension for Magento

EuVat for Magento introduces Tax Calculation for EU based eCommerce transactions. This extension is allowing to assign each of your store customers automatically to one of three Customer Groups, identifying each customer as valid EU Business, EU Enduser or international customer.

With assigning of Tax Rules to each of these three customer groups, Tax calculation for store orders is then performed based upon:

  • Customers with their Billing Address in your Stores Default Tax Country are assigned to their dedicated Tax Class, allowing to bill the VAT of your country.
  • Valid EU Businesses with valid VAT number have its own dedicated Tax Class (set to Tax Excempt). The EU VAT number is checked against the VIES VAT Number Validation Site.
  • EU Endusers, with the Billing Address located in a EU membership country and no VAT number, have its own dedicated Tax Class (to bill the VAT of your shops country)
  • International Customers, with the Billing Address located outside of the EU, have their own dedicated Tax Class (to be set to Tax Excempt)

EuVat delivers also with a Frontend Block showing the customers current VAT status with your store, and directions to enter possible missing data to change his VAT status.

This Magento Extension supports the Onepage Checkout, and customer creation during it. To update your current shop customers already registered, EuVat delivers with a Dataflow module allowing to update your existing customer data and assign those to the Customer Groups.

The Commercial Unlimited License includes support from our Software Group via Email for installation questions or questions arising during use.


Download of the current version of this Magento Extension is available here: