Functions EuVat is adding to the Shop Administrator

EuVat is adding functions to the Shop Administrator that will help to work with the classifications:

EuVat is always updating the Customers Group (or Tax Class depending on the settings) of the customer being logged in on your site. If you wish to exclude any customer from this automatic updates, use this account setting in the respective Customers Account under Account Information:

Magento 1.3 - 1.9

Use Exclude this Customer from future EuVAT updates set to No to exclude the Customer Account from future automatic EU VAT status updates and keep the current Customer Group / Customer Tax Class configuration of the Customer Account unchanged:

This customer configuration may also be set in bulk with using the EuVat Dataflow Adapter.

Magento 2.1

Use EU VAT Status to enable or disable the EU VAT updates to this Customer Account, use Keep current EU VAT Status to keep the current Customer Group / Customer Tax Class configuration:

EuVat adds the validation data from the VIES queries to the Customer Account Page:

Customers » Manage Customers » Select a Customer » Account Information:

This block shows the query result of the validation query to the EU VIES. To use this feature EuVat is required to record the queries in the Shops Database, so set Lifetime for Validations with EU VIES to at least 1 day.

If Lifetime for Validations with EU VIES is set to '0' (disabling the query records) the online data from EU VIES is being displayed. Along with a notification.

To Re-Validate the current Tax/VAT number entered for this Customer Account use “Revalidate current Tax/VAT Number”. Any changes to the Customer Group or Tax Class this customer account is assigned to need to be made in manual, such validation does not update that.

EuVat adds a view showing customers with possible incorrect classification. This view lists all customer accounts which have a Taxvat number, but are not assigned to the Customer Groups (or Tax Classes depending on the settings) for 'EU Businesses with valid VAT' or 'Business and Consumer of Tax Default Country'.

This report is accessible through Customers » Customers with possible incorrect classification in the stores administrator backend.

This view may help to identify customers having entered their Taxvat Number incorrectly, or have been assigned to a different Customer Group or Tax Class due to any reason (or communication errors to the EU VIES Service).

For this list of Customers to be fully functional Lifetime for Validations with EU VIES must be set to a value other than '0' to enable local storage of the related VAT validation data.

EuVat Reports are accessible through Reports » EuVAT, and the following reports are currently implemented. The Reports are based on the Orders, and only Orders with Order Status of complete are included in these reports.

These reports use Customer Data, Sales Data and Quote Data to identify the customers VAT status at the point in time of each order. In case your store uses any extension or function that cleans out (deletes) Sales/Quote data from the database then these reports will not work correctly.

This report shows all EU Business transactions of customers identified as EU Business customer (and assigned to the related Customer Group or Customer Tax Class). Export of the report data in CSV or XML (for Excel) format is supported.

Same as above, for customer accounts assigned as EU Endusers.

Same as above, for customer accounts assigned as outside of the EU.

Same as above, for customer accounts assigned to the stores home country.