Magento Core Functions and Classes EuVat is overriding

Euvat is overriding some Magento Core Classes. So when experiencing conflicts with other Extensions, or having lost store customizations with EuVat being installed, these are the Classes EuVat is overriding from the Magento Core:

Magento Core Classby EuVat rewritten toRemarks
Mage/Tax/Model/Calculation.phpPisc/Euvat/Model/Tax/Calculation.phpTo replace the default building of the Tax Request with adapted one for EuVat.
Mage/Sales/Model/Quote.phpPisc/Euvat/Model/Sales/Quote.phpTo replace the core code for getCustomerTaxClassId() to adapted one for EuVat.

In case of Magento Core classes overridden by other extensions, or own customizations, be aware that you might need to consolidate these changes into one of these classes. To keep the EuVat functionality in such case.

There are already some identified conflicts of EuVAT with other Magento Extensions. See here for more on that...