Using the « Fixed Product Tax Add-On » to support Fixed Product Tax on Products with EuVAT

This Add-On is adding support for Fixed Product Taxes (which are not natively supported by EuVAT for Magento due to the changes on Tax Rule processing):

Installation of the Add-On for EuVAT is the same as for the EuVAT extension itself.

The Fixed Product Tax Add-On for EuVAT requires an EuVAT release of 0.3.63 or higher, you may need to update your EuVAT installation.

The Add-On has no configuration options, it handles Fixed Product Taxes together with EuVAT. To verify if the Add-On is recognized by the EuVAT extension check the Extension Check in the EuVAT configuration options in System » Configuration » Tax » EU VAT Tax Calculation:

Continue to configure your Products with Fixed Product Taxes.