Customized Tax and Catalog Price Rules

EuVAT allows to configure, when needed in specific special configuration cases, different ways to select customized behavior:

  • Customized Tax Rules: Changes the way EuVAT classifies the customer billing and shipping address
  • Customized Pricing Rules: Changes the way Catalog Prices are calculated in relation to the VAT rate to be included in the products price

Each of these configuration options allows to be specific for a address country (billing or shipping address depending on the other tax configuration), see the above image for an example. Multiple EU address countries can be configured with different rules here.

Customized Tax Rules

In general the default implemented tax rules for eCommerce transactions are suitable for your store.

This setting allows to apply customized tax rules, only enable and select one of the following tax rules in case the default functionality of EuVat requires this for your online business tax selection.

The rules are applied to checkout transactions only, and will leave unchanged the customers assignment to the different customer groups (or tax classes) used by EuVat to identify the different types of customers.

Custom Rule #1 for EU Business

This rule changes the default tax selection for a specific case where the Billing and Shipping Address are relevant for EU Business customers:

Rule applies to:
Customers with valid VAT-ID and identified as EU Business.

Modifed Tax Rules applied:

  • Shipping address is outside of store home country and inside of EU: Transaction is treated as EU Business transaction.
  • Shipping address is inside of store home country and Billing address is in EU country outside of store home country: Transaction is treated as EU Consumer transaction.

Customized Pricing

The following configuration options allow to adjust the calculation of the Product Price incl. Tax when having multiple Tax Rules for different countries and have the tax included in the product price for the catalog:

Fixed Product Price incl. Tax

Selecting this option is keeping the Product Price incl. Tax fixed, regardless of the tax rate selected for the current customer, when having Product Prices that include the tax in the catalog.

The actual effect is that, when having different tax rates for different customer countries, the Product Price incl. Tax is the same and the Product Price excl. Tax is adjusted from the Product Price incl. Tax by the currently selected tax rate. This will keep the Product Price incl. Tax constant regardless of the applied tax rate.

Fixed Product Price incl. Tax (except VAT excempt)

Same as Fixed Product Price incl. Tax above, but when having a VAT excempt customer (e.g. EU Business Customer) then the Product Price in the Catalog will be excluding Tax.

Product Price excl. Tax + VAT Rate (except EU Business)

This option is useful when having Catalog Prices incl. Tax, but want to apply a different VAT Rate for a country or make EU Businesses VAT excempt with the related Catalog Price being deducted of the VAT already included in the Catalog Price (only if the catalog prices include tax).

Fixed Product Price incl. Tax (VAT exempt with country rate)

This option is the same as 'Fixed Product Price incl. Tax (except VAT exempt)' above, with the change that the price excluding Tax for VAT exempt customers will be calculated from the price including tax minus the country VAT rate of the customers quote (only if the catalog prices include tax).