SmtpPlus for Magento

SmtpPlus for Magento greatly extends the Email Communication of your Magento Store. Use SmtpPlus to add great flexibility to your Magento Store to interact with various Email Server Systems and to have a overview on your outgoing Transactional Emails:

  • Configure any SMTP Server to be used by your Store for Email sending, be it a server of your ISP, GMail or similar Email Services offering SMTP, or your own server running on a different system then your Store is installed on.
  • Use TLS and SSL encrypted connections to send Emails to your SMTP Server.
  • Log all outgoing Transactional Emails to your Stores Database and have them related to your Customer Accounts.
  • Define a Black-Carbon-Copy (BCC) Email Address where a copy of the outgoing Emails are sent to, or based on Keywords present in the message subject or message body.
  • Check if your Transactional Emails are sent or if any failures are occurring.
  • Access logged Emails from the Customer Account View in the Administrator.
  • Send a New Email Message directly from the Customer Account in the Administrator, and use your own Template for design on it.
  • Present your Customers the Emails sent from your Store in their “My Account Dashboard” for reference, such that also your Customers may access it even if their own Spam-Protection has filtered these messages.
  • Use it to view your Transactional Emails during development of your Store, without actually sending it.
  • Add your own code to the processing of Transactional Emails, using the new Events SmtpPlus is adding.

For Store Developers, SmtpPlus introduces new Events triggered before and after a Transactional Email is being processed and sent. You may use these events to trigger your own code whenever a email is generated and sent in your Store.

The Commercial Unlimited License includes support from our Software Group via Email for installation questions or questions arising during use.


Download of the current version of this Magento Extension is available here:

SmtpPlus Forms for Magento

SmtpPlus Forms offers a flexible Forms Extension for online forms being submitted via Email. SmtpPlus Forms allows to create online forms for your Magento Store by creating a page template file just as used for the frontend pages of the store.

There is no need to program any Magento Objects, Controllers or Blocks, to modify or customize them. Create a form page template with all options this extensions offers like you would do for a frontend page, create a template for the related Transactional Email, and your email form is ready to go:

  • Create online Forms as simple as creating a Frontend Page
  • Is sending the Forms content as Transactional Email to any Email Address and allows to design the Email layout as like for all other Transactional Emails of the Store
  • Is sending a optional Confirmation Email to any Email Address and also allows to design the Confirmation Email layout as like for all other Transactional Emails of the Store
  • Allows to upload files, as part of the online Form, and is attaching those to the Transactional Emails
  • Additional Events allow to interact with the Form preparation and sending of the related Transactional Emails
  • All Forms are accessible via a common URL Route
  • Allows to redirect to the form page itself, or any other page or URL when having the form successfully submitted or also on failures
  • Allows to access all the Magento Framework from the form page template as used to for other frontend pages
  • Works perfectly together with SmtpPlus for Magento, or as standalone extension

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Download of the current version of this Magento Extension is available here: