Functions SmtpPlus is adding to the Shop Administrator

SmtpPlus is allowing to save a copy of all Transactional Emails your Store generates when using the Keep a Copy of all sent messages Configuration Option. To see the log of all saved messages:

Customers » Sent Messages

The log shows also a Status if the individual message was sent, or if a failure occured while creating or sending the message. To view a individual message, choose it from the list:

In case a failure occured during creating or sending of a message, a notice with description of the failure is shown in the header of the message.

Resending a message

To resend a logged message, use the Resend Message button in the message view.

If file attachments are logged for this email message, then these are added to new message for resending.

SmtpPlus is adding the following views and functions to your Customer Account page:

In the Customer View the Email Messages saved for the current customer are shown and accessible:

Sending Transactional Emails to alternate Addresses

SmtpPlus for Magento allows (requires release 0.1.31 or higher) to add alternate Email Addresses for specific Transactional Email Messages, like to send the Order Invoice to an alternate Email Address for the Customer Account:

Select the Transactional Email Message and add the alternate To-Email Address, then the related Email will be sent to this alternate Email Address.

In Email Messages sending a new Email Message to the Customers Email Address is made possible. When using the Keep a Copy of all sent messages Configuration Option, the message sent is logged with the Customer Account.

You may select the Sender from the List if Email Senders configured for your Store. Add a Subject (required) and the text of the Message (required), and use Send Message to send this new message.

When the Message was sent successfully, or an failure during sending occured, a corresponding notice is shown: