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 ====== Email Support for all Commercial Unlimited Licenses ====== ====== Email Support for all Commercial Unlimited Licenses ======
- +We provide support via Email for all purchased ​Commercial Unlimited ​Licenses, some support ​is included ​in the License Purchase ​and some is subject ​to additional ​charges. Please ​go here for more on this and directions on how to contact us for support
-As free service at our will to any **[[http://​technology.pillwax.com/​license|Commercial Unlimited ​License]]** we answer ​support ​questions to our extensions. Before contacting us in your particular questions, please first use this online documentation as first resource of help and descriptions. +\\ 
- +\\ 
-When having an issue, where this documentation leaves ​some questions open to you or there is still the requirement ​to receive ​additional ​input from our side, or to report some malfunction,​ than direct your request as __Email with the following information to us__: +[[https://technology.pillwax.com/​shop/support-services|I need help on one of your Products...]] 
- +\\ 
-<box 90% round orange|What we need to know about your installation>​ +\\
-  * What is your type of Server Operating System: Linux or Windows ? +
-  * What is your PHP Error Log File showing ? +
-  * What is your Magento Version ? +
-  * What is the detailed description of your observations ? +
-  * What is the issue you experience ? +
-  * If your site is accessible online, what is the URL of it? +
-  * Add a Screenshot of your Browser Window showing the issue (as attachment)... +
-  * Add the pages source code (as attachment)... +
-</​box>​ +
- +
-Please ​provide us with the information to these questions above and direct your email to: +
- +
-<box 90% round orange|Send your Email to> +
-<style center>​**technology.support (at) pillwax.com**</style> +
-</box> +
- +
-Our support ​team will respond to any questions received within the amount ​of time available to us, and the way of communication will be using Email+
- +