PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting - Open-Source Software

PILLWAX Industrial Solutions Consulting is highly specialized as Industrial Consultants. We provide solution oriented companionship for industrial organizations on an international basis. With the objective to enable fitting solutions for organizations whose core is necessarily on technology.

In the course of our work we developed some useful software which we offer to the Open Source Community and is to be purchased under our Commercial Unlimited License Terms. This here is the Support Site for these pieces, to purchase or download visit: https://technology.pillwax.com/software

For the Magento eCommerce Platform we have developed some extensions, we are also using in our own projects. These are available for the Open-Source Community. Some of the are free, most of them are available against a one time license fee:

AgeCheck allows to verify date of birth of your customers with the SofortIdent service.

DownloadPlus adds Download Tracking, Versioning, Serialnumbers, Amazon Web Services and more Features to Downloadable Products.

EuVat adds the EU Tax Calculation Rules for eCommerce sites inside of the EU.

EmailNotify adds Transactional Emails for orders with specific Payment Methods.

Italian Fiscal Code adds handling and verification of the Fiscal Code for italian companies

MasterPassword allows a Administrator to login into Customer Accounts with a Master Password on the Frontend.

Newsletter Subscription and Form Spam Protection using Google v2 reCAPTCHA or Invisible reCAPTCHA Newsletter Subscription and Form Spam Protection using Google Invisible reCAPTCHA.

SmtpPlus adds Advanced SMTP Server settings to connect to a variety of external SMTP Servers.

SmtpPlus Forms offers a flexible Forms Extension for online forms being submitted via Email.

WeightUnit allows to define a Product Weight Unit and perform automatic Weight Conversion in the Magento Store.

For the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) we developed add-on's we are also using on our own projects, which in turn we made public to the Open-Source community.

AutoLinks plugin for Joomla

AutoLinks allows to automatically create links from Expressions written in your Content Articles.

Context Module for Joomla

Context Module allows invocation of other modules or external scripts by Content Context Rules.

Header-Footer plugin for Joomla

Header-Footer introduces context relevant Headers and/or Footers by inserting any Content Item as Header or Footer without additional coding.

Header Image module for Joomla

Header Image allows display of images, slideshows, media files or other files based on the context of the currently displayed content.

IP-Location for Joomla

IP-Location allows to adjust the Joomla Timezone and to redirect to Content Pages based on geographical locationing on the IP Address of the Client Browser.

MooBot plugin for Joomla

MooBot introduces plugable mooTools effects to Joomla! by using Joomla! content tags without additional coding.

Time Ruler module for Joomla

Time Ruler allows invocation of other modules by Date & Time Rules.

URL Redirecter plugin for Joomla

URL-Redirecter allows to create individual URL's for your Joomla site, automatically redirecting to pages or external sites.

Web-Call-Back module for Joomla

Web-Call-Back allows call-back from your website in combination with the Asterisk VoIP-PBX system.